• Our FAQ

Do I have to pay for a quote?

Not at all! We are happy to give out free quotes!

How long does it take to repair a fridge?

The repair time depends on what exactly needs to be done - usually fridge, freezer and appliance repairs take 1-4 days to complete. Many times repairs are completed same day.

Can you repair an internal leak?

Yes we can, if the piping system or seals are irreparable, we can most likely replace the faulty component(s).

My fridge motor keeps running but does not cool?

This is a common issue that can have many causes. Bring it in so our specialists can take a look and identify the problem. If anyone can fix it, we can!

My fridge door hinges broke off, can you fix it?

Yes, just be sure to bring the fridge and the fridge door.

Do you repair Minus 40 Freezers?

Yes, we can repair your minus 40 freezer! You are very lucky to have found us!

Do you fix Antique fridges and freezers?

Yes, we repair fridges and freezers of any type, size and age - even antique ones!

Do you repair industrial fridges and freezers?

Yes, we repair industrial fridges, industrial freezers, domestic fridges, domestic freezers and domestic electrical appliances!